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Redken Dupes: Our Top 14 Picks in 2023

When it comes to premium haircare, Redken has been a longstanding champion, hasn't it? Their innovative solutions, tailored for every hair type and concern, have earned the love and loyalty of millions. However, we all know that luxury can come with a weighty price tag. That's where the magic of dupes come in.

Dupes (short for 'duplicates') are products that deliver similar results to a higher-end product, but typically at a fraction of the cost. While they may not be exact copies (and that's okay!), they offer comparable performance, meaning you can save your hard-earned cash without compromising on the care your hair deserves.

In today's feature, we're putting the spotlight on Redken and its more affordable twins. We've done the homework, sifted through countless reviews, and hand-picked 14 of the best Redken dupes that give you the bang for your buck in 2023. This treasure trove of alternatives might just contain your new haircare favorite!

Here's a sneak peek at (and some handy jump links for) what’s to come in this article, with this quick list of our champion hair-saviors:

Top Redken Extreme Dupes:
Pureology Hydrate and Kerastase Resistance.

Top Redken All Soft Dupes:
Nexxus Therappe/Humectress and Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil.

Top Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Dupes:
Olaplex, Amika the Kure, and Monat Damage Repair.

Top Redken Color Extend Dupes:
Joico K-Pak, Biolage Color Last, and Matrix Color Obsessed.

Top One United Dupes:
Pureology Color Fanatic.

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Redken Extreme Dupes

If you're someone who struggles with damaged hair, you're likely no stranger to the Redken Extreme range. With its powerful Strength Complex of Amino Acids, Arginine, and Citric Acid, this range promises to not only cleanse and fortify your hair but also add a dash of smoothness to it.

We're talking about a lineup that includes the renowned Extreme Shampoo, Extreme Conditioner, and an array of treatments, including a Leave-In, a Protein Treatment, and two types of masks. We know—sounds like a dream, right?

But what if you're in search of something different, something that matches the hair restoration of the Redken Extreme range but offers just a little bit more? Whether it's a cruelty-free option, a vegan alternative, a product free of certain ingredients like sulfates, or even an item that simply fits your budget better, the world of 'dupes' has something for everyone.

By the way, did you know that Redken is owned by the beauty giant L'Oreal? What's intriguing is that several other brands under the L'Oreal umbrella share similar formulas to Redken. This makes them potential hidden gems for Redken Extreme dupes.

Today, we're putting the spotlight on two such promising dupes from other L'Oreal-owned brands (that we've reviewed before). These are products that promise not only the same level of care and rejuvenation as the Redken Extreme range, but also cater to different preferences.

Hydrate by Pureology, a moisture-packed, clean formula championing color protection and hair health.

Hydrate by Pureology

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★★★

Price: $$$

A moisture-packed, clean formula championing color protection and hair health.

The Pureology Hydrate Shampoo, closely paralleling the Redken Extreme Shampoo, steps in as an effective alternative. Laden with wholesome ingredients like Green Tea, Jojoba, and Sage, the formula invigorates hair with deep hydration and enriched touchable softness. Unlike Redken, it is sulfate-free, boasting a cleaner profile for conscious consumers. The crucial distinction is Pureology's patented 'Antifade Complex' that ensures color vibrancy is maintained, unlike Redken's tendency to falter in this aspect.

Verdict? A certified dupe, with an emphasis on natural and vegan ingredients, that offers a lighter (and sulfate-free) option for fine, color-treated hair.

Read the full comparison (Pureology vs Redken)

Resistance by Kerastase, a protein-rich, restorative rival to Redken's Extreme.

Resistance by Kerastase

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★★☆

Price: $$$$$

A protein-rich, restorative rival to Redken's Extreme.

Kerastase's Resistance Shampoo was designed to fortify weak, brittle hair using proteins, amino acids, and resurrection plant sap, thus directly competing with Redken's Extreme range. Kerastase's approach to strengthening and revitalizing hair resonates with Redken's use of Amino Acids and Arginine for hair reinforcement. Additionally, Kerastase's use of ceramides and their pro-keratin complex aligns with Redken's use of Citric Acid to condition and smoothen hair. While Redken comes out as a cheaper option with better ratings, Kerastase offers a more robust sustainability pledge, emphasizing recycled materials and refillable packaging.

Verdict? A worthy dupe. Kerastase Resistance Shampoo provides a comprehensive alternative to Redken Extreme, appealing to those prioritizing hair strength, sustainability, and potential for repeated use. Yet, the higher price point and ambiguous animal testing status may deter some shoppers.

Read the full comparison (Redken vs Kerastase)

Redken All Soft Dupes

For those of us familiar with the sensation of running our fingers through soft, smooth, and manageable hair, there's a good chance that Redken's All Soft range rings a bell. Its Moisture Complex with Argan Oil is like a magic potion that transforms dry and brittle hair into silky smooth tresses.

Whether it's the All Soft Shampoo, Conditioner, the All Soft Argan-6 Oil, or the Heavy Cream deep conditioner, each product works synergistically to provide intense moisture, enhanced manageability, and radiant shine.

However, there are various reasons for why you might be on the lookout for an alternative. Perhaps you're aiming to be more budget-conscious, or maybe you're searching for a vegan or cruelty-free alternative. It could also be that you're after a sulfate-free version, or simply seeking something that offers just a bit more.

If any of that's the case, you're in luck, because the world of hair care is ripe with 'dupes' that cater to these exact needs. We've curated a list of two fabulous Redken All Soft dupes we've reviewed in the past.

Therappe by Nexxus, the hydration-rich, cost-effective alternative to Redken All Soft.

Therappe by Nexxus

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★★☆

Price: $$

The hydration-rich, cost-effective alternative to Redken All Soft.

Nexxus Therappe Shampoo is designed to restore nutrients and hydration to hair, mirroring the goals of Redken's All Soft range. The use of green caviar and elastin protein in Nexxus's formula parallels Redken's reliance on argan oil, RCT Protein Complex, soy protein, and other active ingredients. Nexxus stands out for its moisturizing capabilities, enabling it to compete with Redken's promise of nourishment and softness. Both brands have similar ratings, but Nexxus pulls ahead with its more affordable price. The ethical considerations are a potential concern for both brands, with murky cruelty-free status and lackluster sustainability efforts.

Verdict? An excellent dupe. With comparable benefits and a more appealing price point, Nexxus Therappe offers a great alternative to Redken All Soft. However, ethically conscious consumers might pause due to the uncertain animal testing status and limited sustainability initiatives of both brands.

Read the full comparison (Redken vs Nexxus)

Invisible Oil by Bumble and Bumble, the broad-spectrum oil-rich alternative to Redken All Soft.

Invisible Oil by Bumble and Bumble

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Our rating: ★★★★☆

Price: $$$$

The broad-spectrum oil-rich alternative to Redken All Soft.

Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo rivals Redken's All Soft range in its mission to soften, de-frizz, and protect against breakage. With an impressive blend of six oils – grape seed, sweet almond, macadamia, coconut, argan, and safflower seed oil – it provides an all-inclusive care for hair, differing from Redken's targeted approach. Each oil in Bumble and Bumble's formula offers unique benefits, from replenishing moisture to promoting hair growth.

Verdict? A commendable dupe. Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil offers a more generalized approach to haircare compared to Redken's targeted method. If you're looking for an all-round solution for various hair concerns, it's an excellent choice. However, keep in mind that it's on the pricier side.

Read the full comparison (Bumble and Bumble vs Redken)

Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Dupes

When it comes to achieving strength repair for all types of damaged hair, Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate range is a powerhouse. Whether you're using the Bonding Shampoo, the Conditioner, or the Treatment, each product in this lineup is designed to reinforce weakened hair bonds, provide intense conditioning, and protect against color fade.

But perhaps you've found yourself looking for something different—an alternative that keeps the damage repair of the Acidic Bonding Concentrate range but offers something more.

In this section, we'll be introducing you to three fabulous dupes for the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate range. Each of these products is designed to offer the reparative strength and conditioning power of the original, while also catering to your unique needs or preferences.

These aren't just cheaper alternatives—they're carefully selected options designed to offer you a wider choice in your hair care routine.

No.3 Hair Perfector, a targeted treatment for intensive repair.

No.3 Hair Perfector by Olaplex

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★★★

Price: $$$$$

A targeted treatment for intensive repair.

Olaplex No.3's Hair Perfector treatment is a powerful player in the hair care industry, renowned for its ability to noticeably transform hair texture and strength from within. It competes directly with Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate system, particularly the Acidic Perfecting Leave-In Treatment. Although Olaplex delivers impressive results, even after just one use, its effectiveness is fully realized when used as part of the brand's complete regimen, which could be heavy on the pocket.

Verdict? A solid dupe. Olaplex No.3 is an excellent alternative if you're willing to invest in the entire range for optimal results.

Read the full comparison (Olaplex vs Redken)

No.3 Hair Perfector, a targeted treatment for intensive repair.

The Kure by Amika

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★★☆

Price: $$$

A vegan solution for intensive hair repair.

Amika's The Kure Multi-Task Repair Treatment stands up to Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate with its plant-derived formula that promises to strengthen hair, reduce breakage, and prevent future damage. Packed with sea buckthorn, mango butter, shea butter, borage oil, and vegan proteins, this treatment emulates the effects of a keratin treatment without any animal-sourced components. Furthermore, the product has garnered impressive user reviews and demonstrated remarkable results in before-and-after comparisons. While Redken also offers a commendable regimen, Amika edges ahead with its ethical commitment, cruelty-free stance, and sustainable practices.

Verdict? A promising dupe. Amika The Kure is an excellent alternative to Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate for those looking for vegan and ethically sourced products.

Read the full comparison (Amika vs Redken)

Monat Damage Repair, The luxurious bond-repairing champion.

Damage Repair by Monat

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★☆☆

Price: $$$$$

The luxurious bond-repairing champion.

Monat's Damage Repair Bond Support Shampoo is an indulgent treatment for damaged hair. Its robust formula—packed with coconut oil, red algae extract, and vegetable-derived keratin—works to restore strength and body to the hair. Comparable to Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo, it also offers a delightful scent and significant improvement in hair's elasticity. Despite its slightly higher price and limited availability, the Monat shampoo's impressive results have earned it considerable popularity.

Verdict? A potential dupe with reservations. Monat Damage Repair Shampoo is a noteworthy contender for those who don't mind splurging a little more for an effective damage repair product. However, frequent shortages and a higher price point may make Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo a more practical choice for some.

Read the full comparison (Redken vs Monat)

Redken Color Extend Dupes

The Redken Color Extend range is a well-loved hero for those of us with color-treated hair. Its shampoo and conditioner are known for their protective properties, giving hair color longevity and a mirror-like shine that's hard to resist. They combine cranberry oil for maximum color vibrancy and ceramides to bolster hair strength, which, let's be honest, is a winning combination.

But what if you're hunting for an alternative to Color Extend? One that provides these same brilliant features, but with a twist that suits your personal needs or lifestyle better? Remember, a dupe is not just about cost savings—although a few of the six outstanding dupes we've found do offer a more budget-friendly choice.

Today, we're bringing you six compelling dupes for the Redken Color Extend range. Each one stays true to the soul of the original while introducing unique attributes that cater to diverse haircare needs and desires.

Redken Color Extend Magnetics, the gentler, sulfate-free sibling of the classic Redken Color Extend.

Color Extend Magnetics by Redken

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★★☆

Price: $$$$

The gentler, sulfate-free sibling of the classic Redken Color Extend.

Redken's Color Extend Magnetics and Color Extend are like two sides of the same coin; both aim to preserve and enhance color vibrancy but approach it differently. While the Color Extend uses sulfates for a robust cleanse, the Magnetics version provides a sulfate-free, gentler alternative that might better retain color and reduce damage. The latter's acidic pH environment and enriching ingredients such as Arginine, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, and unique additions like Vitamin E and Bamboo Sap Extract contribute to enhanced color retention, improved texture, and overall hair health.

Verdict? Certified dupe with a gentle twist (but no cost saving). Redken Color Extend Magnetics stands as an excellent alternative to its sulfate-containing counterpart.

Read the full comparison (Redken Color Extend vs Color Extend Magnetics)

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy, A color-protecting contender with an ethical edge.

K-Pak Color Therapy by Joico

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★★☆

Price: $$$

A color-protecting contender with an ethical edge.

Joico's K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo comes as a potential dupe for Redken's Color Extend line, backed by a carefully crafted formula and strong customer approval. Its key ingredients, such as African Manketti, keratin, and argan oils, combined with Joico’s unique SmartRelease liposome technology, aim to deliver vibrant, strengthened, and deeply nourished hair. While the effectiveness of Joico's K-Pak is confirmed by stellar ratings, it also stands out due to the brand's notable cruelty-free stance and ongoing sustainability efforts. The ethical considerations tip the scales towards Joico, despite the similar price point.

Verdict? Dupe with a difference. Joico K-Pak Color Therapy not only offers a competitive alternative to Redken's Color Extend range in terms of formulation and results but also stands a step ahead with its demonstrable commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Read the full comparison (Joico vs Redken)

Biolage Color Last, a nature-inspired touch to color preservation.

Color Last by Biolage

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★★☆

Price: $$$

A nature-inspired touch to color preservation.

Biolage's Color Last Shampoo emerges as a potential alternative to Redken's Color Extend range, with a carefully designed formulation that's largely free of harsh chemicals and balanced to a low pH. Its major selling points include the use of Orchid and Coconut-derived ingredients, intended to nourish, moisturize, and prevent breakage while maintaining color vibrancy and shine.

Verdict? Partial Dupe. While Biolage's Color Last Shampoo is a good choice for those seeking a gentle, pH-balanced shampoo with botanical elements, it falls short of offering the comprehensive color protection and damage mitigation seen in Redken's Color Extend range.

Read the full comparison (Biolage vs Redken)

Matrix Color Obsessed

Color Obsessed by Matrix

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★★☆

Price: $$

Affordable and efficient, Matrix steps up as a commendable alternative.

Matrix Color Obsessed Shampoo steps into the ring with an impressive combination of antioxidants, essential oils, and coconut-oil derived ingredients to protect hair color vibrancy and prevent fading. While both Redken and Matrix share a focus on color protection and reviving lackluster strands, the formulations differ. Despite Redken's slightly higher user rating, Matrix's products present a more cost-effective alternative, displaying similar effectiveness and lustrous results. Sustainability and animal testing considerations draw attention, with both brands under the same L'Oréal umbrella presenting somewhat unclear practices, particularly for Matrix.

Verdict? Certified Dupe. Matrix Color Obsessed offers a potent mix of color protection and hair rejuvenation at a significantly reduced price. While questions linger regarding animal testing and sustainability practices, Matrix holds its ground as a cost-effective alternative.

Read the full comparison (Matrix vs Redken)

Paul Mitchell Color Protect, A cost-effective choice for vibrant hair color.

Color Protect by Paul Mitchell

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★★☆

Price: $

A cost-effective choice for vibrant hair color.

The Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo steps up as a potent, cost-effective alternative to Redken's Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo. Infused with Sunflower Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil, White Ginger Root Extract, and Rosemary Leaf, this shampoo not only protects and revitalizes colored hair but also strengthens and encourages hair regrowth. Its paraben-free, color-safe formula further enhances its appeal, backed by a calming scent that users love. While Redken's shampoo offers similar color protection and a pH balancing feature, its significantly higher price point underscores Paul Mitchell as a great dupe choice.

Verdict? Certified Dupe. Paul Mitchell Color Protect offers a budget-friendly and effective solution for colored hair care. While Redken's shampoo certainly holds its merits, Paul Mitchell presents similar quality at a fraction of the price.

Read the full comparison (Paul Mitchell vs Redken)

Kenra Color Maintenance, a potent, conditioning shampoo for vivid, enduring color..

Color Maintenance by Kenra

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★★☆

Price: $$

A potent, conditioning shampoo for vivid, enduring color.

Kenra Color Maintenance Shampoo shines as a potent, yet conditioning alternative to Redken's Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo. With the inclusion of Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Kenra offers a more powerful cleaning effect, while its conditioning agents, Polyquaternium-55 and Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, help soften and detangle hair. Excitingly, the antioxidant-rich Honey Extract and Blueberry Fruit Extract provide potential environmental damage protection, key for color preservation.

Verdict? Certified Dupe. Kenra Color Maintenance packs a punch in color preservation while being lighter on the pocket. Although Redken's formula may be more suitable for those with sensitive, dry hair, Kenra offers a powerful and conditioning alternative for normal to oily, color-treated hair.

Read the full comparison (Kenra vs Redken)

Redken One United Dupe

Redken One United has established itself as a fan-favorite in the world of haircare. It's an all-in-one solution that seems to do it all: safeguarding against hair breakage, prepping hair for styling, providing anti-frizz protection, and doing so safely for color-treated locks. With all these benefits packed into one product, it's not a surprise that many consider it a holy grail.

We're excited to share with you a hand-picked dupe for Redken One United. This choice aligns with the essence of the original while also carving out its own distinctive value.

Pureology Color Fanatic, Multifaceted hair treatment with a unique, indulgent scent.

Color Fanatic by Pureology

Shop Check price on

Our rating: ★★★★☆

Price: $$$

Multifaceted hair treatment with a unique, indulgent scent.

Pureology Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray emerges as a compelling dupe for Redken's One United Leave-In Conditioner. Both products encompass Xylose and Coconut Oil in their formulation, promoting heat protection, prevention of breakage, and hair vibrancy protection. Pureology's product, however, adds a twist with the inclusion of Camelina Oil for nourishment, Olive Oil for a healthy shine, and an indulgent blend of Rose and Cedarwood for an unforgettable scent. While Redken may hold its ground as a standalone treatment, Pureology makes a strong case as part of a comprehensive hair care routine.

Verdict? Confirmed Dupe. Pureology's Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray offers a comparable performance to Redken's One United with the addition of some unique, appealing factors.

Read the full comparison (Pureology vs Redken)

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Originally published 3rd August 2023.

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