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As has been well and truly established at this point: you *need* a skincare routine.

A simple, effective routine that complements your skin type is the one true method for achieving that ~flawless~, radiant look that we all desire. Therein lies the problem, though; what is the best "simple, effective routine that complements your skin type" for you?

In pursuit of finding mine, I tried *countless* combinations of products and wasted thousands of dollars along the way.

The mistake? Well, for one, I had way too many steps in my routine. But most importantly, I just wasn't monitoring my progress properly.

Had I been tracking my progress, I would've been able to pinpoint exactly what was and wasn't working, and I would've cleared-up my blemish-prone skin a hell of a lot quicker.

That's where the FemmeNordic Skincare Routine App comes in. Keep scrolling to find out how it can help you find your perfect routine - as well as help you stay on track until you hit all your skincare goals!

#1 — Create your regimen

With over 17,000 of the most popular skincare products preloaded into the search bar and with the ability to add custom products, you can begin crafting your routine with ease.

Not quite sure where to start? No problem, simply tap or click on the "get recommendations" icon to automatically add a few suggestions to your routine.

Free online FEMMENORDIC Skincare Routine App on laptop and mobile.

As you add products to your routine, they will be automatically grouped into one of three categories: "cleanse", "nourish", and "protect". In combination with insights (which we will be dicussing next), the app will help you find the best layering order for the products in your regimen.

Find a product out of position? Press and hold on the product in question and drag it into place - it's as simple as that! Pressing and holding and dragging onto the 'trash' icon deletes the product from your routine.

You can also create and keep track of separate Morning (AM) and Evening (PM) routines. Toggle between the two by tapping on the "Good morning/evening" button.

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#2 — Get useful insights

What's the point in an app if it doesn't give you useful and helpful info with a single tap? Exactly.

With the FemmeNordic Skincare Routine App (in edit mode) you can tap on a product's info button to reveal insights about its compatibility with your other products, as well its position in your routine.

Free online FEMMENORDIC Skincare Routine App on tablet.

Other useful insights that you can find for each product include: where to find the best price, which skin types it is suitable for (coming soon), and a simplicity rating.

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#3 — Use your checklist

Each morning and evening, check each product off your list to keep track of which products and treatments you have used.

Free online FEMMENORDIC Skincare Routine App on desktop.

Contribute towards your "streak" by completing your routine every day.

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#4 — View your progress

Now, this is what I wish I had when I first started creating my skincare routine. A simple, no-fuss progress tracker.

Each day, simply give your skin a star rating out of 5, attach a few progress pics, then you're done! Over time you'll slowly be adding to an in-depth progress report which you'll be able use to truly see the progress you've made.

Free online Skincare Routine Tracker.

Using the graph, you can zoom out and see your progress over time so you can figure out what is (and isn't) working - with ease.

Tapping on a point on the graph enables you to see the photos of your skin from that specific day.

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#5 Relax

And finally, relax, because this app makes skincare stress-free—exactly like it should be.

Skincare Routine Tracker App on mobile

So what are you waiting for? Give it a go! The FemmeNordic Skincare Routine App is completely free to use, no credit card required.

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Where can I download the app?

You can try the app for free right here in your browser! Once you've made your routine, it will be saved in the cloud so that you can come back to it on any device.

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