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Aveda vs Moroccan Oil (The Definitive Guide)

We all know and love Moroccan Oil. They've definitely been having their fair share of the limelight recently! We all know and love Aveda, too; this brand has been consistently delivering quality hair care products for decades now.

Which is better, you ask? That's what we'll be finding out today as we compare the two side-by-side. Aveda vs Moroccan Oil - let’s get into it.

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Aveda Dry Remedy vs Moroccanoil Treatment

Rather than spending tens (to hundreds) of dollars at the salon for a deep-conditioning treatment, thankfully there are more affordable leave-in treatments you can do from home. Brands like Aveda and Moroccanoil have created formulas—Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil and Moroccanoil Treatment Original, respectively—that are sure to deliver results (and save you a salon visit). Let’s take a deeper dive into each.

As someone who has battled with dry hair (who hasn't, am I right!?), I've found both the Moroccanoil Treatment Original and Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil to be lifesavers, though in slightly different ways. Personally, I lean towards Moroccanoil for its rich, luxurious feel and the immediate gloss it imparts to my hair thanks to its primary ingredient: Argan Oil. It's like a drink of water for my parched strands. The scent is another major plus for me - it's divine!

On the other hand, Aveda's focus on organic Buriti Oil intrigued me, especially with its impressive list of nutrients. I noticed a more subtle, but deeper nourishment with its use. However, as someone with a partner with slight nut sensitivity/allergies, I did approach it with caution initially.

Moroccanoil costs $48 for a 3.4oz bottle, while Aveda will run you $42 for a 1oz bottle. Though there’s a stark contrast in “bang for your buck” between Moroccanoil and Aveda’s treatments, we can assure you that Aveda is still worth consideration.

Both products also contain other hair-nurturing ingredients, but Moroccanoil boasts the more "minimal" ingredients list of the two. That's typically a bonus for those with sensitive scalps, but otherwise it might just explain Aveda's heftier price tag.

Aveda is also a brand you can feel good about purchasing from, as they’re Leaping Bunny approved as a cruelty-free company. Sustainability is also a priority to them, as they were the first beauty company to manufacture all products with 100% wind power. (Talk about setting a new beauty standard!)

Additionally, most of their waste is re-used or recycled in their manufacturing facility, and they’ve committed to sourcing their ingredients fairly (and sustainably, of course).

We’d be remiss to not discuss Moroccanoil’s business ethics, though. They, too, are cruelty-free and operate as an incredibly sustainable company. (They’re voluntarily ISO 14001 certified, meaning they abide by requirements for an effective environmental management system.)

With both brands demonstrating a strong commitment to cruelty-free practices and sustainability, choosing between them becomes a matter of personal preference and budget. Whether you're swayed by Moroccanoil's argan oil or Aveda's buriti oil, you can rest assured that your purchase supports ethical and environmentally conscious practices, and the haircare results of both products speak for themselves.

Aveda Best-Sellers

For smoothness:
Try Smooth Infusion

For color-treated hair:
Try Color Conserve

For hair growth:
Try Invati Advanced

Moroccan Oil Best-Sellers

For shine:
Try the Glimmer Shine

For heat protection:
Try the Perfect Defense

For perfect curls:
Try the Curl Defining Cream

This article was originally published on September 10th 2022, but it has been reviewed and updated with the latest available information on February 13th 2024 by Sara Mckay, MA.

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