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Best French Lipstick 2023 (Our Top 7 Picks)

Our top pick? Sisley's Phyto-Lip Twist Lipstick

No matter how minimal your makeup routine is, we're willing to bet you still have at least a couple of lipsticks in your bathroom. Lipsticks are one of those makeup essentials that truly transform the way we look; a quick swipe will get you looking polished, put together, and ready to take on the world. Still, finding the right lipstick (or lipsticks) can be a challenging endeavour.

Obviously, colour is a major deciding factor (although you can't go far wrong with a nude, red, and pink lipstick collection). But what about the formula? Do you prefer something smooth and shiny or matte and pigmented? How about a liquid lacquer? Or maybe a bullet? Not to mention taking into consideration the price tag...

The lipstick shopping process doesn't have to be as stressful as that, though. Our top 7 picks narrow down the best French lipsticks out there based on all of the most important factors. Enjoy!

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#1 — Best French Lipstick Overall

The best overall lipstick is one that is easy to apply, easy to wear, and looks drop-dead gorgeous on you while also delivering your lips with nourishing balm-like benefits. The one that ticks *all* of those boxes for us is Sisley's luscious Phyto-Lip Twist Lipstick.

Phyto-Lip Twist Lipstick by Sisley, the best French lipstick overall.

Phyto-Lip Twist Lipstick
by Sisley

Applied with a single "twist", it leaves your lips feeling supple, moisturised, visibly smoothed and plumped thanks to its cocktail of original plant-based active ingredients. The foremost of which is a natural form of squalane (phytosqualane) which emolliates and moisturises, maintaining your lips' suppleness.

Its luminous, easy-to-wear shades match any occasion, from the most "nude" to the most intense, and the melting glide-on texture has a seriously addicting sensation to it. Our editor won't leave the house without it!

#2 — Best French Red Lipstick

This title is practically synonymous with "the most iconic French lipstick", and as we covered in our Best French Makeup Brands post, you can't get much more iconic than a Chanel rouge lipstick.

Rouge Allure Velvet by Chanel, the best French red lipstick.

Rouge Allure Velvet
by Chanel

The latest incarnation of the iconic Chanel series is Rouge Allure—a lipstick as "soft and comfortable as velvet". Dressing your lips in deep velvety colours with a matte yet luminous finish, this bullet of lipstick provides a jaw-dropping second-skin effect. The sorcery behind the magic boils down to three main components:

  • Ultra-fine, pure and highly concentrated pigments for intense colours;
  • Soft focus microspheres for a finish that is both matte and luminous;
  • A jojoba oil derivative for smoothed lips.

#3 — Best Sheer French Lipstick

"Sheer", or otherwise known as natural-finish or gentle colour lipstick is becoming increasingly popular as part of the no-makeup makeup look trend. Combining the best French BB Cream with subtle eyeliner and sheer lipstick, you too can achieve the flawless French au naturel aesthetic.

Le-Rouge-A-Porter Whipped Lipstick by Givenchy, the best sheer French lipstick

Le-Rouge-A-Porter Whipped
Lipstick by Givenchy

The crème de la crème of sheer French lipsticks is Givenchy's Le-Rouge-A-Porter Whipped Lipstick.

Versatile and easy to apply, it comes in a palette of 16 luminous shades, encased in a slim silver and leather tube with discreet stud detailing. Its natural finish is the result of a combination of sheer pigments for gentle colour with light coverage and hyaluronic acid microspheres for long-lasting comfort and hydration.

#4 — Best Shiny French Lipstick

For those who love the reflective finish you get from a gloss but don't particularly enjoy the tacky texture, this one's for you.

Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick by YSL, the best shiny French lipstick.

Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick
by Yves Saint Laurent

Imparting seductive colour and an enviable rouge pout look, YSL's Volupte Shine lip formula delivers *six* oils to your lips for no less than six benefits: hydration, high shine, extreme comfort, ultra-melting, seductive luminosity, and sensual smoothness. Hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidants and emollients help condition and soften your lips, boosting their appearance from within—not just externally.

#5 — Best Luxury French Lipstick

If you want to invest in or treat yourself to an especially luxe option, Dior is the way to go. Having dominated the luxury beauty industry for almost a century—and not just in France, by the way—the quality of their products never ceases to impress. Their lipsticks are nothing short of iconic, and while their price tags can be eye-watering to look at, they are oh so worth the splurge.

Rouge Dior Couture Lipstick by Dior, the best luxury French lipstick.

Rouge Dior Couture Lipstick
by Dior

More modern and luxurious than ever, the new Rouge Dior lipstick is adorned with a new signature band featuring the CD initials as an echo to the fitted waists of the House's runway look. Enriched with red peony and pomegranate flower extracts (of natural origin, of course), it dresses the lips in your choice of 70 bold colours with satin, matte, metallic or velvet finishes.

#6 — Best Budget French Lipstick

The truth is that when it comes to lipstick, you really don't need to break the bank to achieve a runway-worthy pout. Even though L'Oreal's Colour Riche Lipcolour lipstick rings in at just around five dollars (yes, you read that correctly), you'd never know that this wasn't some super posh designer lipstick.

Colour Riche Lipcolour by L'Oreal, the best budget French lipstick.

Colour Riche Lipcolour
by L'Oreal

Enriched with nourishing ingredients like Omega 3, Vitamin E, and Argan Oil, L'Oreal's Colour Riche Lipstick keeps your lips soft, smooth, and ultra-hydrated. Choose from a spectrum of show-stopping shades, and indulge in the richness of a luxurious French lipstick without bereaving your purse.

#7 — Best Long-lasting French Lipstick

There's nothing quite as frustrating as lipstick that just won't last. It leaves you feeling self-conscious for the whole day and constantly wondering whether or not it's been five minutes since the last time you touched it up. Fortunately, there is a solution for this age-old problem, aptly known as 'long-lasting' lipstick, and Bourjois boasts one of the best.

Rouge Velvet The Lipstick by Bourjois, the best long-lasting French lipstick.

Rouge Velvet The Lipstick
by Bourjois

Meet Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick, a gorgeous long-lasting lipstick that never dries out your lips. The secret of its unique formula is the infusion of hydrating waxes with light oils and rich pigments for an irresistible velvety soft finish that pops. When you want a precise lipstick with intense matte colour that lasts long and feels light, just one swipe of this will give your lips up to 24 hours of full-on glamour.

BONUS — Best French Lip Gloss

For that very on-trend high-shine finish, you really can't beat a lip gloss. Fortunately, they have grown up a lot since the last time they were popular (I think we're talking early 2000's, right?). They're now more hydrating than ever and impart a gorgeous finish without any trace of tackiness, Laura Mercier's iconic Lip Glacé being a prime example.

Rouge Velvet The Lipstick by Bourjois, the best long-lasting French lipstick.

Lip Glace Azalea by
Laura Mercier

This high-shine, perfectly pigmented lip gloss delivers rich color and brilliant shine while creating the appearance of fuller lips. With the unique blend of moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-oxidant and plumping ingredients, the non-sticky gloss formula applies smoothly without feathering or bleeding for a long-lasting shine. Magnifique!

Alternatively, you could also check out our best French lip balm post covering the best tinted balms and the best lip balms to stock up on for the winter!

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