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BioSilk vs Biolage (The Definitive Guide)

Dry hair can be a maddening issue. Whether it’s unruly frizz, wild fly aways, or limp, dull locks, such factors can be difficult (and frustrating) to manage.

Of course, there are myriad products that promise to alleviate your hair woes. While variety is great, spending tens or hundreds on trial-and-error haircare isn’t ideal.

That said, we’ve done the homework for you and found two products that will help revive lifeless tresses: BioSilk Silk Therapy Original and Biolage Strength Recovery Strength Repairing Spray.

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BioSilk Silk Therapy vs Biolage Strength Recovery

BioSilk’s smoothing treatment has been a salon staple for decades—and for good reason. It claims to fill the voids in hair cuticles, prevent split ends, and make your mane simply luminous.

Its ingredient list doesn’t include many recognizable components, but it’s made with various plant-based ingredients and, of course, hydrolyzed silk. (Plus, it’s made without sulfates, parabens, or gluten!)

The Silk Therapy Original has 4.67 stars, so it’s no surprise that it’s earned accolades such as one of Beauty Mag’s Top Beauty Pick of 2021 and The Beauty Authority New Beauty 2018 award.

The pricing varies for this product, as it’s available in several sizes (0.5oz to 12oz) ranging from ~$3 to ~$60.

If you're looking to strengthen your strands in addition to treating dryness, look no further:

Biolage's Keratin Dose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray’s successor, Biolage Strength Recovery Strength Repairing Spray, is made with plant-derived squalene and shea butter to deliver lightweight nourishment.

This sulfate-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free product claims to make hair more manageable by 82% and strengthen hair trifold. It also detangles and acts as a heat protectant, to boot.

With 724 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, this super spray might be just what your mane needs. On, you can find a 7.8 bottle for $24.

When we tried them for ourselves

As a lifelong victim of dry, frizzy hair, I was eager to put these two products to the test.

I cleared my schedule for a self-care day (or two!) and set up a mini hair salon at home, armed with my new BioSilk and Biolage sprays.

First, I decided to try the BioSilk Silk Therapy Original.

As soon as I opened the BioSilk bottle, I was greeted by a subtle, enchanting aroma that instantly transported me to a luxurious spa.

The treatment was lightweight and non-greasy, spreading effortlessly through my hair.

I applied it to my damp hair and styled it as usual. My hair instantly felt smoother, softer, and looked shinier than ever before.

The best part? The incredible softness and shine lasted for days!

My flyaways were tamed, and my hair had a healthy, silky appearance that made me feel like a celebrity walking the red carpet.

Next up was the Biolage Strength Recovery Strength Repairing Spray.

This product had a fresh, invigorating scent that energized my senses.

The spray nozzle made the application easy, distributing the product evenly without weighing down my hair.

As I blow-dried my hair, I noticed that it was much easier to manage. The knots and tangles seemed to disappear, and my hair felt strong and resilient.

After styling, I couldn't believe the transformation - my hair looked revitalized, full of life, and had an incredible bounce.

It felt like I had just left the salon, and my friends even asked if I'd had a professional treatment!

Both products delivered impressive results, and I was pleasantly surprised at how effectively they addressed my hair concerns.

While BioSilk provided a luxurious, silky finish that lasted for days, Biolage fortified and invigorated my hair, giving it strength and a lively bounce.

Before I reveal my favorite, let’s take a quick look at both brands’ ethics.

Brand ethics comparison

Though BioSilk is Leaping Bunny certified as cruelty-free, not all their products are vegan.

Moreover, as of 2021, the company declared that they are working towards vegan formulations, clean ingredients, and more environmentally friendly efforts.

Currently, they recycle and reuse the following: plastic, metal, and cardboard.

Their parent company, Farouk, has also engaged in meaningful philanthropic efforts, such as fundraising and providing aid to hairdressers affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Further, to date, Farouk has donated to The Salvation Army, Houston Area Women’s Center, Gallery Furniture, Mt. Hebron Baptist Church, Community of Faith, Bethel Baptist Church, Greater First Missionary Baptist Church and Project Recover to name a few.

Biolage is also Leaping Bunny certified as cruelty-free and as of 2022, all their formulas are vegan.

What’s more is that Biolage's current products are recyclable and biodegradable, and all bottles since 2015 have been made using 95% post-consumer recycled materials.

In terms of charity initiatives, Biolage has partnered with organizations like Wigs 4 Kids and Conservation International.

Final Verdict

Honestly, it's hard to pick a favorite between these two fantastic products; it ultimately depends on what you're looking for.

If you crave the ultimate silky smoothness and a red-carpet-ready look, go for BioSilk.

But if you're in need of a revitalizing treatment that will bring your hair back to life with added strength and vitality, Biolage is the way to go.

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