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Biossance vs Drunk Elephant (The Definitive Guide)

Famed for their transformative skincare products packed with efficacious actives, both Biossance and Drunk Elephant are more than worthy of occupying some shelf space in your bathroom.

Come with us as we compare their best-selling moisturizers and serums side-by-side to help you decide which is best for you and your skincare routine. Enjoy!

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Biossance vs Drunk Elephant

Vitamin C Comparison

If you are looking for a potent Vitamin C product, then look no further. Biossance and Drunk Elephant's L-Ascorbic Acid products are absolutely packed with the sought after ingredient. Now these products might seem similar, but they do differ in a few ways.

Firstly, the most noticeable difference is their textures. Biossance’s Vitamin C product is a luxurious facial oil that soaks into the skin. Whereas, Drunk Elephant’s Vitamin C product is a powder and a liquid based serum. Drunk Elephant’s serum is designed this way to ensure that the product is 100% fresh when you first use it. To use this product, Drunk Elephant recommends to mix the powder and the liquid and give it a good shake to activate the ingredients.

Although these products share the same main ingredient, they each contain other important active ingredients. Drunk Elephant boasts powerful antioxidant properties within this serum. This comes from the Indian Gooseberry extract and the Grape Juice extract inside. These ingredients are able to fight free radicals and slow the signs of oxidative stress on the skin. Biossance’s Vitamin C Oil increases the skin’s firmness due to the fact it contains Chios Crystal oil.

The last difference is the pricing of these products. Drunk Elephant’s 28ml C-Firma serum retails for $78. This product only comes in this size, meaning no travel size options are available. Biossance’s 30ml Vitamin C oil retails for $74 and comes in a limited edition and a travel size.

It’s great to know that both of these products are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin! However, those who are looking to brighten and firm the skin would benefit most.

It has to be said, we find Drunk Elephant's vitamin C to be slightly gimmicky, so if you're looking for a no-nonsense solution we'd definitely err on the side of Biossance here. That said, if you're willing to forego ease-of-use for higher efficacy, the C-Firma serum has your name on it.

Moisturizer Comparison

It’s not hard to see why Biossance Squalane & Omega Repair Cream and Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream have rave reviews all over the internet. They are both deeply moisturising and have rich, creamy formulations. However similar they may seem, they do have a few major differences.

Firstly, who are they suitable for? Whilst they are both suitable for all skin types, Biossance's cream is targeted more towards those who suffer from dehydrated skin, whilst Drunk Elephant’s cream is targeted towards those who are concerned with ageing and pigmentation.

Drunk Elephant’s cream has been recommended to be used morning and night, after applying serums whilst Biossance’s cream is recommended to be used in the morning only. Whilst using both of these products, it is important to ensure SPF is applied in the morning.

The next major difference is the ingredients. Let’s talk about Biossance’s cream first. This cream is jam packed with lipids such as Squalane and Omega’s to protect the skin’s precious barrier and to deeply moisturise. These lipids also plump and nourish the skin.

The main ingredient within Drunk Elephant’s cream is the brand’s signal peptide complex. This peptide cocktail is made up of amino acids which plump and firm the skin. This product also contains folic Acid… Skin loves folic acid! Folic acid plays a huge part in keeping the elasticity within our skin and giving it the bounce we all want.

Evidently, there is no "which is better?" here. They are both exceptional. So, the choice really just boils down to what you're looking for in a moisturizer. If you're seeking hydration: try Biossance. If you're seeking anti-aging benefits: go for Drunk Elephant.

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