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Sulwhasoo vs Whoo (The Definitive Guide)

When we think about nations at the forefront of anti-aging skincare, Korea is one that definitely springs to mind. According to, Korean skincare amassed $10.3 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach over $14.5 billion in the next five years. And with so many innovative products that have second-to-none results, it’s no surprise that people keep coming back for more—on a worldwide scale, no less.

So, when two of our favorite K-beauty brands—Sulwhasoo and Whoo—dropped anti-aging serums, our interest was piqued.

But, since Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating serum and Whoo’s First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence essentially aim to achieve the same skincare goals, who will come out on top?

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Sulwhasoo vs Whoo

Whoo takes a lot of pride in their historical inspiration, which acted as their guide in making their serum. Further, it’s made with second-generation "GonJinBiDan solution", which includes traditional herbs such as atractylodes macrocephala, tangerine peel, astragalus, and Korean dates, which work to catalyze skin regeneration through a natural metabolic cycle.

Other superstar ingredients include pine, goji berry, yam, ginseng, rehmannia root, and lotus flower—all components that aim to promote blood circulation, reduce puffiness, and purify the dermis. Whoo reports that after four weeks of use, test subjects (women aged between 19 and 59) saw 100% improved translucence, hydration, and brightness.

Sulwhasoo’s serum is created with their "JAUM Activator golden ratio formula" (but it’s unclear what exactly this consists of), walnut seed extract, cacao extract, and honey. Additionally, there were other notable elements, like various root extracts, fruit extracts, and flower extracts.

Moreover, according to a clinical study of 32 women (ages 35 to 56), the First Care Activating Serum enhanced the look of skin radiance, increased hydration, and improved the look of skin translucency over eight weeks of use.

In terms of price and rating, Sulwhasoo’s serum is $89 for 2.02oz with a 4.8-star rating. Whoo’s serum is similarly priced at $88.20 for about 3oz, but no rating is available on their site. (We love more bang for your buck, though!)

Thus far, we’ve learned that both companies take different approaches to aiding in anti-aging. They’re also almost evenly priced, but Whoo offers a bit more product in their bottle. But who are Sulwhasoo and Whoo as brands?

We couldn’t find any information regarding sustainability efforts or Whoo’s stance on being cruelty-free or vegan on their website. But, according to PETA, their company tests on animals. Eek.

In terms of business ethics, claims that Sulwhasoo is not cruelty-free and isn’t 100% vegan. However, their parent company, AmorePacific, has committed to pursuing more sustainable practices. They aim to achieve carbon neutrality, produce zero waste worldwide, and reduce the use of plastics to create 100% reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging materials by 2030.

Whoo had us in the first half, not gonna lie. But because of Sulwhasoo’s commitment to bettering their carbon and waste footprint, we know which serum we’ll be choosing.

First Care Activating Serum by Sulwhasoo, the first step to healthy radiance

First Care Activating Serum by Sulwhasoo

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The first step to healthy radiance.

What makes it special? This unique first step serum containing Sulwhasoo's anti-aging golden ratio formula instantly absorbs into your skin, making your skin look healthier and awakening its natural radiance. Enjoy the fresh finish it provides, priming your skin from deep within.

Which skin types? All skin types.

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First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence by History of Whoo, the iconic essence for anti-aging, loved by millions of women around the world.

First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence by History of Whoo

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Our rating: ★★★★★

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The iconic essence for anti-aging, loved by millions of women around the world.

What makes it special? Use Bichup First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence as the first step of your skin care routine to revitalise the skin and enhance blood circulation. Discomfort caused by external aggression is relieved and skin imparts a translucent glow.

Which skin types? All skin types.

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