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Vaseline vs Chapstick 2023 (The Definitive Guide)

Two of the most popular and long-lasting lip care brands in the world are Chapstick and Vaseline. They are so popular, in fact, that it’s nigh-on impossible for anyone who has used lip balm before to have not at least heard of them.

Whether it’s been in your purse or a friend’s pocket, or maybe even in your mom’s car, you’ve used a rogue lip balm before, and we'd wager it was probably one of these two brands.

But which one is better? They’ve both stood the test of time and have satisfied customers for years on end. Today, we’re going to compare two of their classics and decide once and for all which brand is superior.

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Vaseline Lip Therapy Stick vs Original Chapstick

A good lip balm will relieve the dryness while giving your lips a soft and glossy look. In contrast, a bad one won’t relieve your symptoms and will make your lips look greasy. That’s why finding the right lip balm is essential to your year-round comfort.

Two of the best balms that you can find for your lips are Vaseline Lip Therapy Stick and Original Chapstick. But how do they differ?

First and foremost, we should mention that the purpose of these products is exactly the same. To protect and nourish dry or chapped lips. The skin on our lips is a lot thinner than the rest of our face which means wind, sun, air conditioning and central heating can cause lips to crack or become super dry. This is where these products come in.

So, as they share the same purpose, they must contain the same ingredients, right? Not quite. The only ingredient that is included within both of these products (other than Petrolatum, of course) is carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is a hard wax that is found in palm leaves. Its main purpose within skin care products is to form a film over the skin. However, it has been included in both of these products to give them their texture. Without Carnauba wax, these products would have a gooey consistency.

Let’s talk about Vaseline’s Lip Therapy Stick next. This product contains Vaseline Jelly. Vaseline Jelly (also known as petroleum or petrolatum) is a mix of mineral oil and waxes. Interestingly, Vaseline Jelly was discovered in 1859 by Robert Chesebrough. Chesebrough noticed that oil workers had been applying a jelly (rod wax) to their burns to heal them. He took away the rod wax to study and after distilling it, he created a transparent substance and named it Vaseline Jelly.

Overall, Vaseline Jelly hasn’t changed much since then, the same formula is still used today in Vaseline products. In this case, Vaseline Jelly is used to create a physical barrier on top of the lips. This is so water cannot escape through any dry or broken skin. Of course Vaseline’s Lip Therapy Stick contains their very own petroleum jelly formula, but it also has another key ingredient, vitamin E. Vitamin E is also used to lock in moisture, but can help to delay the process of dehydration.

Another main ingredient inside Vaseline’s Lip Therapy Stick is shea butter. Shea butter really is a wonderful ingredient when it comes to skincare. Shea butter has a rich texture which offers intense hydrating benefits. It also contains a high number of antioxidants, which protect the skin from pollution and help to soothe the skin.

Let's move on to the Original Chapstick. Just like Vaseline’s Lip Therapy, this product includes a form of petroleum jelly. This product contains 45% white petroleum. White petroleum is made up of mineral oil and a waxy substance. It differs slightly from Vaseline’s branded petroleum jelly but still offers the same outcome; to create a physical barrier on the lips to prevent water loss. Unlike Vaseline, though, it also contains a light medicinal ingredient: Camphor. Camphor helps to relieve irritation.

Lastly, let’s talk about $$$. Vaseline’s Lip Therapy Stick comes in a 0.16oz stick and comes in three different versions; original, rosy, aloe and cocoa butter. Since Vaseline does not sell products on their site, the retail price for these products does vary. Some shops sell them for as little as $2.99 and others sell it for much more, $5.69. Chapstick do sell their products on their website and they sell their 0.15oz tubes in packs of 12. This box retails for $24.

Drum roll please for the grand unveiling of the winner... Vaseline! Vaseline's Lip Therapy Stick is jam-packed with goodies beyond just Petrolatum, and while the inclusion of camphor in Chapstick is a tempting prospect, it just isn't quite enough to bring it up to par with Vaseline's moisturizing goodness.

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