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Vaseline vs Jergens 2024 (The Definitive Guide)

We all know and love Vaseline and Jergens; they have been consistently delivering quality skin care products for decades now.

Which is better, you ask? Let’s discuss the difference between these two tried-and-true veterans. Vaseline vs Jergens - let’s get into it.

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Vaseline vs Jergens Lotion

If you've been following along with our other brand comparisons, this won't be in quite the same format that you're used to. Vaseline and Jergens just have so many different lotions to cover, yet the similarities and differences are more or less the same across the board (just with different scents). So as not to repeat ourselves endlessly, we're going to compare their lotions more broadly at first, and then we'll tell you our top picks in a more quick-fire fashion towards the end.

An amazing lotion is one that leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and soothed. If you have sensitive skin or skin that becomes irritated with ease, Vaseline's and Jergens' lotions are among the best in these arenas. However, there are some differences between them that may make you reach for one over the other.

2024 update: Vaseline has recently reformulated their range of lotions, including a packaging overhaul. Unfortunately, the reception has been hit-or-miss, with some customers reporting that the newer formula isn't quite as good as it once was. There's nothing immediately alarming about anything that's been added to the ingredients list, but a change in concentrations could theoretically be detrimental. Our advice if you're opting for Vaseline: patch test, patch test, patch test.

At the heart of all Vaseline lotions—notably comprising up to 30% of each lotion—are thousands of micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly (pure petrolatum). Vaseline Jelly, of course, is a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, jelly-like ingredient that helps to protect and hydrate skin, fight free radical damage, and reduce wrinkles. It isn't absorbed by the skin, so it sits on top acting as a barrier to keep dirt out and more importantly keep moisture in.

We love Vaseline because it delivers results. The products work as they say, and your skin genuinely looks better and more hydrated even after just a single use. However, their lotions do have quite a thick consistency that some find unpleasant, and even though it is advertised as non-greasy, it doesn't escape the fact that pure petrolatum is never not going to be greasy.

Jergens lotions vary wildly in formula, which is a good indication of positive intent, because it's not uncommon for some brands to create a one-size-fits-all formula and expect it to work for any and every skin type or concern. Notable ingredients that can be found in all of their lotions, though, are Glycerin (powerful moisturizing agent) and Tocopherol (supports the skin's moisture barrier).

Jergens lotions are fast-absorbing and boast an irresistable, nostalgic fragrance (especially the Jergens Original Scent Cherry Almond Lotion). The reviews are absolutely stellar—near perfect, in fact—which is a whole lot more than can be said for Vaseline's incredibly hit-or-miss consumer feedback.

With both brands offering their lotions at practically identical price points, we only see one real winner here, and that is Jergens. Vaseline's expansion into the world of moisturizers and lotions is understandable, and they do yield results, but it just feels somewhat lacklustre relative to its competitors.

Jergens Best-Sellers

For normal to dry skin:
Try the Original Scent Lotion

For extra dry skin:
Try the Ultra Healing Lotion

For dry, dull skin:
Try the Enriching Shea Butter Lotion

Vaseline Best-Sellers

For hydration:
Try the Soothing Hydration Lotion

For healing:
Try the Essential Healing Lotion

For radiance:
Try the Cocoa Radiant Lotion

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This article was originally published on May 17th 2022, but it has been reviewed and updated with the latest available information on February 6th 2024 by Sara Mckay, MA.

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