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Joico vs Redken (The Definitive Guide)

Whether you’ve just dyed your hair for the first time or the umpteenth time, it’s fair to have a lingering worry regarding the health of your mane. (After all, some color treatments can cause considerable damage.) So, assembling a lineup of quality haircare products is vital to maintaining your hair’s wellbeing.

But before you start adding a slew of hair masques, oils, and dry shampoos to your shopping cart, consider investing in a new shampoo and conditioner. Yep, your wash day pals are now part of your hair’s rescue team. You’ll want to choose a twosome that’s jam-packed with nutrients that color-treated hair yearns for; that's where Joico and Redken come in.

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Joico K-PAK vs Redken Color Extend

Joico and Redken both offer ranges catering to loads of different hair types, but in the case of caring for color-treated hair, we'd suggest Joico's K-Pak Color Therapy or Redken's Color Extend. Of course, we’re not recommending opting for both, so let’s dive into the deets about both to figure out which is best for you and your hair.

Although Joico and Redken aim to achieve similar results, they couldn’t approach their formulations more differently.

Joico’s K-Pak duo is created with African Manketti, which protects hair color from fading; keratin for repairing damaged strands; argan oils that deeply nourish; and Joico’s SmartRelease liposome technology—a one-of-a-kind system that strengthens from root to tip.

Designed to gently cleanse hair without depleting it of natural oils, Redken’s sulfate-free pair features an acidic formula that balances the pH of your tresses. Together, they enhance vibrancy, add smoothness and shine, and strengthen hair fibers. But do they actually work?

When I used Redken's shampoo, it impressed me with its gentle (yet super effective) cleansing. Post-wash, my hair didn't just feel clean; it had a natural, balanced feel. The pH-balancing aspect came through strongly, and my hair was left with a distinct vibrancy that you just can't really find elsewhere.

On the other hand, with Joico's K-Pak the first thing I noticed was its ability to rejuvenate my hair's texture. The oils seemed to do more than just nourish; they actually revived my hair’s elasticity, making it feel stronger and more resilient to color-treatment stress. It was like a revitalizing therapy for my tired strands.

While both product lines aim for healthier hair and color longevity, it was these specific experiences — Joico's deep revitalization and Redken's balanced, vibrant finish — that really set them apart for me.

Finally, it's worth noting that Joico is cruelty-free but not 100% vegan. Meanwhile, Redken is neither cruelty-free or vegan due to its parent company's antics (*cough* L’Oréal *cough*). While Joico wins our vote in this respect, my experience with both still actually has me leaning towards Redken.

On Amazon, Joico’s shampoo & conditioner duo is ~$42. Meanwhile, you can find Redken’s shampoo and conditioner on Amazon separately for $26 each (10.1oz).

Redken Best-Sellers

For blonde hair:
Try Color Extend Blondage

For dry/brittle hair:
Try All Soft

For fine hair:
Try Volume Injection

Joico Best-Sellers

For damaged hair:
Try Defy Damage

For dry hair:
Try Hydra Splash

For blonde hair:
Try Blonde Life

This article was originally published on December 1st 2022, but it has been reviewed and updated with the latest available information on February 26th 2024 by Sara Mckay, MA.

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