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Paul Mitchell vs Redken (The Definitive Guide)

You’ve likely seen Paul Mitchell and Redken products on your social media feed before, or perhaps you’ve seen them at your favorite hair salon. Both are highly sought after, but which brand should you use?

If you're thinking about giving them a try, check out this comprehensive guide to find out which cult-favorite hair system is better.

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Paul Mitchell vs Redken Shampoo

A great shampoo is one that effectively cleanses your hair fibres whilst delivering special care for any specific hair concerns you might have (e.g. color protection, etc.). I don't think there's a single person out there that would dispute the fact that Paul Mitchell and Redken shampoos are some of the best in this regard, and there are dozens to choose from. Fundamentally, though, there are a few key differences to note.

The Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo is designed to protect colored hair whilst gently cleansing. While other shampoos can strip color, this shampoo revitalizes the hair without affecting the dye/bleach.

The formula is infused with Sunflower Extract to protect your hair from harmful UV rays. It also includes Jojoba Seed Oil, White Ginger Root Extract, and Rosemary Leaf. This blend of natural extracts will strengthen the hair and encourage regrowth.

It is also color-safe which means that it won’t diminish your color. The shampoo is paraben-free too so it will not dry out your hair. Furthermore, users have praised the shampoo’s calming scent - a blend of apple, orange, and bergamot.

The Paul Mitchell shampoo arrives in three sizes: a 10.1 fl oz bottle for $13, a 16.9 fl oz bottle for $16, or a 33.8 fl oz bottle for $27.50.

Next up is the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo. This shampoo will provide a gentle cleanse to the scalp and lengths whilst protecting the vibrancy of your color.

The ingredients list features Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein and Soy Protein which refortify the hair. You’ll also find Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, which is an antioxidant and deep conditioner.

Most shampoos are too harsh for color-treated hair and can even cause hair loss. However, this shampoo is acidic which tones, protects, and balances the pH of your hair.

Finally, this shampoo arrives in shiny hot pink packaging which makes the product enjoyable to use and look at.

The Redken shampoo is available in two sizes: a 10.1 fl oz bottle for $25, or a 33.8 fl oz bottle for $50. This makes it a more expensive alternative to the Paul Mitchell shampoo.

Paul Mitchell vs Redken Conditioner

Akin to cleansing your skin, washing your hair is a critical step, but in doing so you are stripping it of moisture, and you need to replace that moisture by using a conditioner—just like you would for your skin with a moisturizer! As far as conditioners go, there's not too many as good as those by Paul Mitchell and Redken.

The Paul Mitchell Color Protect Conditioner is a luxurious treat for color-treated hair. This conditioner detangles, color protects, and hydrates. This deep conditioning treatment also has a therapeutic orange and bergamot scent that lingers throughout the day.

The conditioner is enriched with Sunflower Extract which protects and deep conditions the hair. You’ll also find a nourishing blend of White Ginger Flower Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, and Wheat Protein.

With this conditioner, you can get a 10.1 fl oz bottle for $14.50, a 16.9 fl oz bottle for $19.50, or a 33.8 fl oz bottle for $31.50.

Our last product is the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner. This detoxifying conditioner provides deep moisture and reveals healthier, shinier hair. It’s perfect for colored hair as its gentle, creamy formula will not diminish your color.

The product is sulfate-free and is infused with Soy Protein and Vegetable Protein for their strengthening properties. The conditioner also includes Bambusa Vulgaris Sap Extract, which detangles and improves shine.

You can purchase a 10.1 fl oz bottle for $25 or a 33.8 fl oz bottle for $50.

Paul Mitchell vs Redken Conclusion

After thoroughly reviewing both brands, we have decided that Paul Mitchell is the superior choice. This is because their products have a far more natural ingredients list and they are a little cheaper. Redken’s products contain more chemicals, which will likely dry out the hair.

To round off our review, here are our recommendations for the best-selling ranges and products that Paul Mitchell and Redken offer.

Paul Mitchell Best-Sellers

For conscious haircare:
Try Clean Beauty

For everyday wash:
Try the Shampoo One

For oily hair:
Try the Shampoo Two

Redken Best-Sellers

For blonde hair:
Try Color Extend Blondage

For dry/brittle hair:
Try All Soft

For fine hair:
Try Volume Injection

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