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Briogeo vs Living Proof (The Definitive Guide)

We're positive you've seen Living Proof and Briogeo on the shelves at your local beauty store or hair salon before.

Which is better, you ask? That's what we'll be finding out today as we compare the two side-by-side. Briogeo vs Living Proof - let’s get into it.

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Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair vs Living Proof Restore Repair

If your hair is suffering from split ends, dryness, damage related to heat styling or dyeing, or myriad other factors, don’t fret. While it may seem like you might need to just shave your mane clean off and start fresh (which would be badass, for what it’s worth), it’s more than possible to save your strands.

Sure, there are plenty of deep conditioners out there that claim to repair your tresses—but this is not the time for trial and error. Now, let’s talk options. In this case, we would trust deep conditioning masks like Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask or Living proof’s Restore Repair Mask. Of course, we’re not suggesting you buy both, so we’ll give you the low-down on each first.

Living proof’s mask aims to reverse damage and protect strands from future aggressors; hydrate without weighing hair down; and help hair stay cleaner (which means fewer washes). Some of their superstar ingredients include a biomimetic emollient blend, amino acid blend, meadowfoam seed oil, and tucuma butter. The results? Softer, shinier, revitalized locks. Oh, and a lot less breakage.

According to their site, Briogeo’s deep conditioning mask is scientifically proven to decrease hair breakage after only two uses. It’s ideal for all hair types and has achieved cult status as a 5x Allure Beauty Award winner. Moreover, Don’t Despair, Repair! is made with 97% naturally derived ingredients, such as rosehip oil, almond oil, B-vitamins, and algae extract for supreme nourishment. Thus, you can expect reduced frizz, enhanced shine, and restored hydration.

Cost-wise, Briogeo is $46 for a 12oz tube, and Living proof is $45 for a 6.7oz bottle. In other words, you get an awful lot more product for your buck with Briogeo.

My personal journey with Briogeo and Living Proof reveals a few unique facets of each. When I apply Living Proof's mask, its immediate impact is on manageability. My hair, frustratingly prone to tangling, becomes notably easier to brush through. I'm always pleasantly surprised by how long my hair stays feeling clean between washes, a real bonus for someone with a busy schedule.

On the other hand, Briogeo’s mask offers an entirely different experience. The moment it's rinsed out, my hair feels deeply nourished, almost as if I've just left the salon. The most striking difference, though, is in texture — my hair always feels sooo much silkier afterwards.

In essence, while both masks live up to their promises of restoration and nourishment, it is Living Proof's enhancement of hair manageability and Briogeo’s profound conditioning effect that sets them apart in my routine.

Because Briogeo and Living proof are dedicated to clean beauty, both formulas are free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens and are safe for color-treated and chemically treated hair. They're both also cruelty-free, so you can feel even better about whichever you decide to choose.

To round off our review, here are our recommendations for the other best-selling ranges and products that Living Proof and Briogeo offer.

Living Proof Best-Sellers

For improved hair:
Try the Perfect Hair Day Range

For volume:
Try the Full Range

For color-treated hair:
Try the Color Care Range

Briogeo Best-Sellers

For dry, itchy scalp:
Try Scalp Revival

For frizzy hair:
Try Farewell Frizz

For perfect curls:
Try Curl Charisma

This article was originally published on December 7th 2022, but it has been reviewed and updated with the latest available information on February 26th 2024 by Sara Mckay, MA.

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