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Joico vs Matrix (The Definitive Guide)

If you have color-treated hair and you are struggling with annoying brassy tones, you should consider using a blue (for brunette hair) or purple (for blonde hair) shampoo and conditioner. In just one wash, these products will tone your hair and eliminate unwanted colors, without an expensive trip to the salon.

Haircare brands Joico and Matrix both provide excellent blue and purple-toned products, but which should you go for? In this article, we will be comparing both brands’ shampoos and conditioners before providing a final verdict on which product we feel is the better choice.

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Joico vs Matrix Shampoo

The Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo eliminates orange and yellow tones that can be found in brunette hair. The bright blue tone of the shampoo neutralizes brassy hair, revealing cool-toned brown hair that looks like it’s fresh from the salon. The shampoo also cleans, de-frizzes, and adds shine to damaged hair.

Blondes, rejoice! This shampoo also comes in a purple shampoo option, which is perfect for anyone with lighter tresses.

To use these shampoos, apply all over wet hair and leave to soak for 3-5 minutes before rinsing and conditioning as usual. Once used, your hair will keep the neutral, toned shade for up to 12 washes.

Joico is proudly cruelty-free, so vegan customers will be happy to know the shampoo did not involve any animal testing.

You can pick up a 10.1 oz bottle for $23 or a 33.8 oz bottle for $42.50.

The Matrix Brass Off Blue Shampoo is a similar blue-toned shampoo that is designed to refresh and treat brunette hair. This product works by using blue-violet pigments that tone the hair and eliminate unwanted brassy coloring found in natural or dyed hair.

Like Joico, Matrix also offers an alternative purple shampoo for those of us with blonde hair.

Many toning shampoos can be pretty drying to the hair, but these formulas feature castor oil and soybean oil, which both provide deep hydration to the hair follicles.

Matrix shampoo should be applied all over to wet hair and left for up to 5 minutes. After this, simply wash thoroughly and condition your hair. Matrix recommends using this shampoo each time you wash your hair to maintain neutralization.

This shampoo costs $20 for a 10.1 oz bottle, or you can purchase a 33.8 oz bottle for $38.

Joico vs Matrix Conditioner

The Joico Color Balance Blue Conditioner is a fantastic toning and moisturizing treatment. This corrective conditioner gets rid of unwanted warmth in dyed hair leaving you with gorgeous brunette tones.

After using the Joico Blue Shampoo, follow up with this conditioner and leave it to work its magic for 1-3 minutes before rinsing. This conditioner has a softening effect that will make it easier to brush through your wet hair.

The conditioner formula features Rosa Canina Fruit Oil and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, which revitalize and strengthen your hair.

For $24, you can purchase an 8.5 oz bottle, or for $43.50 you can get a 33.8 oz bottle.

Finally, we have the Matrix Brass Off Blue Conditioner. This treatment not only tones brunette hair, it simultaneously restores softness and hydration to the hair. The formula features vitamin oil which provides shine and strength.

To use, first apply and rinse the Matrix Brass Off shampoo, then massage the conditioner through the hair and leave for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. This toning treatment can also be used as a leave-in conditioner for more long-lasting results.

This conditioner retails for $20 for the 10.1 oz bottle or $38 for a 33.8 oz size.

As you would probably expect given that both shampoos have purple alternatives, both conditioners do, too. These are the Joico Color Balance Purple Conditioner and Matrix So Silver Purple Conditioner, respectively.


We believe the best shampoo for brunettes is the Matrix Brass Off Blue Shampoo, and the best shampoo for blondes is the Matrix So Silver Purple Shampoo. This is due to their cheaper price points, and the fact they feature moisturizing ingredients.

For a blue or purple-toned conditioner, we feel that Joico has the superior options. Although they are slightly more expensive, the products are ultimately better for your hair since they include natural plant extracts for added nourishment.

To round off our review, here are our recommendations for the alternative ranges that Joico and Matrix offer.

Matrix Best-Sellers

For unruly hair:
Try Mega Sleek

For dry hair:
Try Moisture Me Rich

For fine hair:
Try High Amplify

Joico Best-Sellers

For damaged hair:
Try Defy Damage

For dry hair:
Try Hydra Splash

For bleached hair:
Try Blonde Life

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