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Joico vs Kerastase (The Definitive Guide)

Are you getting the best care for your color-treated locks? Today, we’re doing a side-by-side comparison of two big shots in the haircare world: Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner and Kerastase Reflection Bain Chromatique Shampoo & Fondant Chromatique Conditioner.

Let’s dive into the world of preserving that fabulous hair color of yours!

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Joico vs Kerastase

Color Protection and Longevity

Joico offers an impressive 82% color retention even after 18 washes, thanks to the power-packed duo of antioxidant-rich African Manketti and Argan oils. These oils work overtime to extend the vibrancy of your color while combating future damage.

Meanwhile, Kerastase confidently touts color protection for up to 40 days with its innovative Système Capture Advanced technology. This formulation locks in pigments and fights color enemies like water particles. What's in common? Both brands make sure that your hair color stays lively for a long time.

Hair Strengthening and Breakage Control

Now, onto the strengthening game. Joico brings the magic of Keratin into the mix. This natural protein hunts down damage and replenishes lost proteins, resulting in stronger, healthier hair. Joico also doubles down on breakage resistance, especially when the shampoo and conditioner are used together.

On the other side, Kerastase doesn't explicitly mention strengthening effects, but its smooth and supple texture might suggest some fortifying properties (there's nothing as potent as Keratin on their ingredients lists, at least).

Nourishment and Shine

Both Joico and Kerastase put a lot of emphasis on nourishment and shine. Joico uses Argan Oil, a well-known hydrator, and nourisher, to improve hair's elasticity and manageability, while the SmartRelease Technology ensures continual repair and protection from styling effects.

Kerastase utilizes Linseed Oil and Rice Bran Oil for similar benefits. These oils nourish the fibers, enhancing light refraction for that perfect shine.

While Joico boasts an improvement in hair’s shine and elasticity, Kerastase promises preserved shine and shimmering reflects for up to 40 days.

Environmental Protection

Protection from environmental aggressors is essential for color-treated hair. Both brands offer solutions for this, but in different ways. Joico incorporates African Manketti Oil, which is a rich source of Vitamin E and offers protection against environmental fading. Meanwhile, Kerastase uses a combination of Vitamin E and UV Filters to combat oxidative aggressions.

Concluding Thoughts

The beauty of hair care is that it's all about what works for you. Both Joico and Kerastase offer quality color-protecting products, but they excel in different areas.

If you are seeking an intensive repair and strengthening solution, Joico with its Keratin and breakage control might be your perfect match. If your primary concern is lasting color vibrancy and shine, then Kerastase's impressive 40-day color protection could be the one for you.

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