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Kenra vs Joico (The Definitive Guide)

Today, we're here to give you the scoop on two high-performing color maintenance shampoos: Kenra Color Maintenance Shampoo and Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Color-Protecting Shampoo. We know how crucial it is for you to keep your color looking fresh and vibrant, so let's jump right in!

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Kenra Color Maintenance vs Joico K-PAK Color Therapy

Both Kenra and Joico have a stellar reputation in the hair care world. They've won our hearts with their formulas designed to prolong color and enhance shine, but what makes them different?

Ingredients: Nature Meets Science

When considering ingredients, both Kenra and Joico take an impressive approach to haircare, yet each is unique in its formulation.

Kenra's Color Maintenance Shampoo integrates antioxidants like Tocopheryl Acetate, a form of Vitamin E, which provides essential nourishment while also acting as a natural preservative. It also features blueberry extracts, which contribute to a healthier scalp, and honey extract known for its conditioning benefits. The star of their formula is the pH-balancing system, strategically designed to protect the hair's color and vibrancy.

Joico's K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo uses an array of exotic ingredients, like African Manketti oil, a source of Vitamin E that works as an environmental shield against color fading. Argan oil, a deeply hydrating ingredient known for its nourishing properties, also features prominently. But Joico's innovation truly shines with its SmartRelease™ liposome technology, an advanced delivery system that consistently releases potent agents such as Rose Hip Oil, Arginine, and Keratin to repair, strengthen and protect hair.

Performance: Lock, Stock and Barrel

Performance-wise, both shampoos promise remarkable results, with Kenra putting color protection at the forefront and Joico focusing on comprehensive hair health along with color maintenance.

Kenra uses its pH-balancing system to lock color into the hair strands, claiming to maintain up to 67% of color vibrancy. This attribute makes it a solid choice for those who frequently visit the salon for color treatments, as it promises color protection for up to 35 washes. It's more than just a shampoo; it's a shield against color fade.

Joico, meanwhile, goes beyond just color protection. It aims to improve elasticity, making hair more resilient to daily styling and environmental stress. Their formula also works towards restoring and protecting hair against breakage, a common concern for color-treated hair. This is particularly appealing to those whose hair has been compromised by frequent color changes or heat styling. Its additional feature of imparting a healthy shine makes it more than just a color-protecting shampoo. Plus, Joico's UV protection stands out as a beneficial feature, particularly for those living in sunny climates or enjoying outdoor activities, where sun exposure could potentially fade color.

Price, Availability and Packaging

Both Kenra and Joico shampoos are priced at the higher end of the spectrum, reflecting their salon-quality formulations. They're both readily available online and at most beauty stores:

Joico is available at: Amazon, Ulta, and Walmart.
Kenra is available at: Amazon, Ulta, and Walmart.

In terms of packaging, both come in sleek, salon-style bottles. Kenra sports a metallic look, while Joico opts for a vibrant, color-coded design.

Fragrance: The Icing on the Cake

Fragrance can be the make or break for many of us when choosing a shampoo. Kenra is known for a clean and fresh scent, whereas Joico leans towards a more fruity-floral aroma.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, both shampoos are powerhouses when it comes to maintaining color-treated hair. Kenra's strength lies in its superior color-locking system (so if you're really trying to make your color last, this one's for you), while Joico shines in offering comprehensive hair care that goes beyond color protection (so if you're looking for a great all-rounder, this one has your name on it).

Here's a round-up of the main similarities and differences:


  • Target Audience: Both are designed for color-treated hair.
  • Color Protection: Both aim to extend the life and vibrancy of color-treated hair.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Both utilize a blend of high-quality ingredients known for their hair-nourishing properties.
  • Brand Reputation: Both are produced by reputable, salon-quality hair care brands.
  • Packaging: Both offer sleek, salon-style packaging.
  • Price Range: Both are in the higher-end price range, reflecting their salon-quality formliation.


  • Key Ingredients: Kenra uses Tocopheryl Acetate, blueberry extracts, and honey extract, while Joico incorporates African Manketti oil, Argan oil, and Keratin in its formlia.
  • Technological Innovation: Joico's SmartRelease™ liposome technology continuously releases potent agents for hair repair and strength.
  • Additional Benefits: Joico offers added benefits such as improving hair’s elasticity and offering UV protection.
  • Fragrance: Kenra offers a clean and fresh scent while Joico leans towards a more fruity-floral aroma.

Oh, and when considering the conditioners from both brands, you'll find the similarities and differences mirror those of the shampoos quite closely.

Both brand's conditioners are designed to complement their respective shampoos, enhancing color protection, maintaining hair health, and incorporating the same high-quality ingredients. The same distinguishing features—like Joico's SmartRelease™ liposome technology and the unique fragrances—also apply. So, if you're drawn to one shampoo over the other, it's likely you'll feel the same about the corresponding conditioner!

So, if you were leaning towards Kenra's shampoo, you'll most likely prefer the Kenra Color Maintenance Conditioner. Likewise, if you preferred Joico's shampoo, you'll probably prefer the Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Conditioner.

Other Kenra Ranges

For fine to medium hair:
Try Volumizing

For dry hair:
Try Moisturizing

For dull hair:
Try Clarifying

Other Joico Ranges

For damaged hair:
Try Defy Damage

For dry hair:
Try Hydra Splash

For blonde hair:
Try Blonde Life

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